4 Awesome Amenities of Segara Villas & Suites Subic

Located in the heart of Subic Bay, Segara Villas & Suites Subic is a place where dreams are made of. It’s a resort that’s fast becoming popular amongst tourist and locals in Subic. Here are a few amenities of this extraordinary place:

Laundry Service

Have you decided to extend your stay but you found out you didn’t bring enough clothes? No problem! Segara has a laundry service where you can wash your clothes. Because of that, you won’t have to worry about buying many clothes at the souvenir shop.

Luxury Spa

If you got tired from touring the city all day, you can relax by getting a full body massage at their spa. Their spa is full of experts who know what they’re doing too. They’re not amateurs who learned on YouTube. They’re highly trained professionals who are familiar with the latest massage techniques. It will only be a matter of time before you relax your body.

Smoking Area

Subic has become pretty strict to smokers as there’s a fine for those who are caught smoking in public areas. If you’re a smoker, you won’t like that rule. It’s a good thing Segara Villas & Suites Subic has a smoking area where you can freely smoke as many cigarettes as you want.

Shared Lounge

Do you love sharing travel stories with fellow travellers? You’ll meet lots of them in the shared lounge. If you run out of things to share, don’t worry because there’s also a TV there. Because of how much you’re enjoying yourself, you won’t notice how fast time passes by.

Are you excited to go here? You’re not the only one! With fast Internet connection all over the place, you won’t miss a beat in checking out your friends’ latest tweets. Make a reservation online and you’ll be on your way to a much-deserved fun getaway from the hustle of the city.