5 Mistakes To Avoid in Metal Roof Painting

Metal roof is becoming more and more popular in the Australian market. This roof type has certain characteristics that top other types. It is energy efficient as many brands include insulation to make it thermally efficient. It has the longer lifespan than other types. Steel is also 100 per cent reusable, making metal roofs one of the eco-friendliest materials. It is versatile enough to be adjusted and can easily be painted in colours that delight homeowners. Lastly, metals are one of the toughest and durable materials capable of withstanding strong winds, extreme weather conditions and is also non-combustible and requires less maintenance.

Another notable feature of the metal roof is its capacity for changing colours easily. Roof painting can be a delightful experience for this type. Unlike other types that require ample preparation, the metal roof needs lesser procedures. But while anyone can easily change its colour, many are prone in committing serious mistakes that can ruin your roof. Here are four grave errors to avoid in painting metal roofs.

1. Using the same paint used in other parts of the house. The metal roof needs specialised paints for its durability. There are metal roofing paints that have distinct qualities. Some make the roof heat- or fire- resistant. While others even have insect- and pest-resistant properties.

2. Not using a sealant. Without sealants, metal paint can just peel off. These substances contain chemicals that secure the bond of paint to the roof. But before using sealants, you need to research on whether it suits the kind of paint you are applying to your roof.

3. Not using an energy-efficient paint. Climate change is a reality. Hence the government and many organisations campaign for using materials that are energy-efficient. There are paints, such as those with the Elastomeric coating, contributes in making your house environment-friendly.

4. Wrong methods of application. Just like any task, roof painting Gold Coast demands skill and expertise. Without the right planning and preparation, this task would just waste money, time and effort.

5. Not minding the roof after it is painted. Homeowners need to pay attention to their finished roof painting job. Being one of the most important parts of the house, the roof should be regularly cleaned and maintained. It should be washed with a mixture of water, liquid detergents, and bleach at least once every six months. It should be cleared of debris regularly to prevent pests from finding a home. Routine checking for rough patches in the paint for quick repair is advisable to avoid worsening its condition.

Routine checking for rough patches in the paint for quick repair is advisable to avoid worsening its condition.