Advantages and Disadvantage of Hot water Systems

Cold days give you chills all over your body, afraid to take a bath, afraid to wash your feet or your hand. During winter season especially when it’s snowing, people go to saunas, hot springs, and other places that offers this kind of service. To avoid travelling and experiencing coldness, it would be best to install hot water systems in your household. This is much more practical and much more economic. When there is too much cold and you cannot afford to heat yourself up, your body will undergo hypothermia. Hypothermia means that the temperature of the body is lower than the normal.

If a person goes into hypothermia, bodily function tend to get slower and bodily changes starts to happen. Many people die of hypothermia. To prevent it from happening, hot water systems should be installed. Hot water systems are very convenient and it’s not only a onetime deal. Even if it’s not winter season or not snowing, there are days that are still cold. That’s how you can still use a hot water system.



There are many types of hot water systems these days, but for a cost effective measure, the best hot water system should be solar.  Because of the economic changes where utilities are increasing like gas, oil, electricity and water, the budget of the household is greatly affected. Solar hot water systems are very useful and at the same time, it does not affect your budget too much since the sun is the source. In this system, the collecting vessel captures the heat from the sun, trap or retain it and then transfer this heat to the water. A very simple system used before is placing a water tank filled with water and then exposed it to sunlight. But because of its limited efficacy, people develop it to a more efficient one.

Solar hot water systems have many advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of its advantages.

–    It is cost effective since the source of heat is a natural one. The things you need to buy are the few materials needed to build it. No utility hike. Gas, electricity, oil will not be affected.
–    It is environmental friendly. Since sun is the source, no chemicals will be emitted to the environment. No further damages can be caused.
–    It is easy to build. The process of building a hot water system is very simple. Anyone can make it with proper tools and lay out.
–    Some systems are very hard to maintain. You even need to upgrade and buy stuffs just to keep it going but with a solar one, you don’t need to worry since it can be maintained easily.

Those are advantages, now, here are some disadvantages.
–    There are countries that the sun doesn’t shine all the time especially during winter when its function is mostly needed.
–     When it is rainy day or cloudy day, too little heat from the sun can be generated.
–    It is limited to daylight. Water will start to cool down after the sun sets.

These are just few of the things you need to know. In general, hot water systems are useful but it’s up to you what type you choose.

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