Advantages and disadvantages of Microdermabrassion

Microdermabrasion comes in many benefits, thus highly recommended to those who want to achieve a perfect, beautiful, youthful looking skin. If you are looking to try on this procedure, it is highly recommended that you know different advantages and disadvantages of this process.

Advantages of Microdermabrasion


This procedure offers a lot of advantages, in comparison to other procedures targeting the same effect, thus this procedure or treatment is highly recommendable compared to others.

  • The process can be done in as fast as 30 minutes. Spending long time in clinics may not be too convenient to busy people, microdermabrasion do not require long time in clinics, unlike other treatments.
  • This procedure offers zero pain. No surgeries, no injections, thus absolutely painless. There is no recovery period as you will not undergo the knife or even needle.
  • It is highly effective and safe, thus recommended. The effectiveness of this treatment is almost instant, you can see the positive effect or changes right after the session, thus you know that it brings you good.
  • It may seem expensive, but this process is more affordable than other beauty procedures being offered in the market.
  • It improves a lot of skin condition, not limited to:
  • clogged pores
  • dull or oily skin
  • fine lines
  • enlarged pores
  • mild acne scars
  • Uneven pigmentation and/or poor skin texture
  • The procedure is highly beneficial in enhancing the lymph flow and circulation, which will promote internal health of the skin

Possible disadvantages of Microdermabrasion

All disadvantages, can be handled better if you are consulting an accredited, licensed professionals and clinics. Giving you the right treatment, proper advice and assurance is what you can get from them unlike those uncredited or illegitimate clinics.

  • One of the possible risks of this treatment or procedure would be improper application or un-sterile conditions of clinics and applicator used, actually any skin treatments if performed under these circumstances may give possible risks to patients. If improperly applied or done, chances of crystals going in to the patient’s eyes is possible, thus may cause irritation. If the crystals are not properly used or be used in high strength, the skin may get pierced or holes, thus getting the exact opposite of what you want to achieve from getting microdermabrasion.

The microdermabrasion actually has very minimal to none side effects, but if serviced from clinics that are not highly credible and certified, then disadvantage and risks are definitely on your end.

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