Advantages Of External Venetian Blinds

From the word itself, external venetian blinds are blinds that are placed and used outside. It can be placed outside the doors or windows, or even a whole room. External blinds are more well-known for being a very efficient way of reducing solar glare. Most people probably want to choose awnings over external blinds. Both have similar functions and benefits, but what makes an external blind different from awning? What can we get from external blinds that may not be found from awnings? Here are 6 advantages of having an external venetian blind:

• Prevent Overheating. External blinds are more effective in preventing overheating compared to internal blinds. The blind blocks the sun from passing through the windows, therefore it keeps the room cooler. Most people usually use glass windows as it appeals more to the eyes and is a better design, but this glass actually causes overheating and is usually overlooked by some designers. Normally, you keep your room cooler with the help of an air conditioner but it would cost much compared to external blinds.


• Prevent Heat Loss. External blinds not only reduce the use of air conditioning but it also reduces heating bills. This is because external blinds stop warm air from escaping from windows. According to the research by the European Solar Shading Organization (ES-SO), during winter, external blinds reduce heating energy demand by 10%. So you don’t have to worry about buying a heater during the cold season.

• Blackout. External blinds can even completely black out a room in a closed position, so it improves the quality of sleep. You can even control the light infiltration and ventilation in a semi-closed position. These blinds are mostly useful at home, and are even ideal for hospitals and schools.

• Acoustic Insulation. External blinds not just block out heat and light, but also block out noise. Therefore, it offers higher quality of sleep and is ideal for comfortable urban living.

• Security. One of the well-known external blinds is the security shutters. These shutters are made with extruded aluminum but foam filled binds to prevent robbery and vandalism by completely covering the windows and contents within. These systems can be programmed to open or close, therefore optimizing window protection.

• Aesthetics. External blinds can and do enhance aesthetics to a building so that it is more appealing to the eyes. Some suppliers of external blinds offer a wide variety of choice of colors as well as designs that best fit the building.

In conclusion, external venetian blinds Melbourne are used to prevent, enhance, and secure a building or one’s home. It can block out heat, light, and sound while maintaining comfort and security. These advantages can also help you in determining whether your choice of design, whether it is awning or external blind, is right or not. If this convinces you to have an external blind at your workplace, school, or even at home, then you can visit or contact to the nearest external blinds supplier near you.