Amazing Awnings

Awnings offer protection from intense heat and sunlight exposure both indoors and outdoors. Awning come in varying designs and is made from differing materials. Each is as functional as the other; it boils down to personal preference and of course functionality in relation to your needs.

Stationery or build in awnings are pretty much a permanent fixture without actually building pillars and a roof. The posts or column holding up the roof like structure, are usually permanently fixed into the concrete or onto the top surface of the ground. Materials used to make these columns can be anything from aluminum or wood and the roof like structure can be created using wood, vinyls and even cloth. It really depends on the visual design of your home as to what material would best suit your needs. Gorgeous designs can be made using any of the materials.


Retractable awnings are a more current version of awnings in the current day. Awnings offer protection to outdoor furniture as well as assist in preserving paintings that may be at risk of fading from the harsh outdoor light. Retractable awnings are a little more involved to fit as there is wiring and a motor involved. The motor is what drives the awning to retract and extend at the push of a button on a remote control. Should your home only have harsh sunlight and heat for an hour a day, a retractable awning is perfect. Push a button and offer your home that full protection from the sun and heat for that hour. Push the button again and your home is opened up to the lighter, less harmful light.

Of course you do still get the manual retractable awnings which are easily extended or retracted manually.

Within these two genres, there are a variety of options besides fabric and pattern.

Retractable free standing awnings
Patio cover shade cloths
Retractable canopy awnings
Window awnings
Retractable vertical drop awnings
Retractable canopy awnings
Retractable drop arm awnings
Retractable patio cover systems

Awnings can be as basic and functional as you like or can really go to the extremes. Some fabrics and materials offer resistance to rain, wind and even small amounts of snow. The top of the range awning systems may even offer heating facilities, inclusion of an mp3 speaker system for entertainment and as if it isn’t easy enough to push a button, some even come preset with sensors and a timer to automatically control retraction and extension at certain times.

Awnings are extremely functional and suitable for the work they are required to do. They offer the intended protection while adding aesthetic value to your home. In some instances, you may even save on your power bill; awnings offer enough protection from the heat and will reduce the need for temperature control measures in your home. Allow your creativity to flow and select fabrics and designs that characterize you and your home. Awnings, if selected and installed properly are an amazing addition to any home.