Photobooths in Corporate Events

Corporate events are usually uptight and serious. Mostly, the participants are clients, stockholders and businessmen, who do not seem to have the time to goof around. Documentation, on the other hand, is important. You would want to capture the happenings of this event, on a camcorder or even in pictures. Thus, photobooths are highly recommended.

photo booths

You may not see the point in hiring a photobooth for a corporate service. People are usually in their seats, listening to lectures and taking down notes. However, you may want to take pictures and capture the other side of your clients. You may wonder why. Here are some of the reasons why this may be beneficial to your company.

Setting a light, but great impression. As we all know, photobooths suggest taking pictures in a funky style – there are photo booth props like head dresses, oversized eyeglasses and other stuff. The guests (in this case your clients and employees) are allowed to goof around the camera. The point is, the pictures will show just how much fun these people had in your event. People will think it would be so cool to be a part of your company – your clients and employees are clearly having fun as they work for you.

Exposure to Social Media. There are photobooth companies that offer social media upload of your pictures – the photos will be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. Imagine just how many people will be able to see these pictures that feature your company. Sure, you can upload pictures of your event in your company’s website, but bear in mind that your site audience may not be as many as those who are registered in Facebook that can like, comment and share the pictures!

Branding. Since the photo strip layout from photobooths are personalized, you can have them include your company logo in the lay-out. That will make your brand be more known to the public. And since the photo strips can actually be taken home by your guests (clients), and the pictures being personalized and all, they can just tuck it in the fridge, making everyone, including their family and friends know what great company they are working with.

Photobooths aren’t just for parties. They can also be hired during corporate and company events albeit the seriousness of it. Surely you would want your clients to have a bit more fun while making money with you. So, as you organize that next big event in your company, don’t forget to hire a party photo booth hire Melbourne, and be prepared for the successful outcome, not only of event itself, but of the marketing of your company as well.