Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Vape Shop

So, you’re finally quitting cigarettes and trying out the vape. Other people may tell you these two are just the same. The truth is, they differ regarding the amount of nicotine and the flavour. For beginners, you need to find a trusted vape shop to get the device and the juices. Here’s how:

Heavy duty tanks

Just so you know, a vape consists of a tank, mouthpiece, box mod and coil. The tank is responsible for holding more e-juices once you inhale on the mouthpiece. You need to find a tank system or clearomizer that’s made in Pyrex glass material. This is heavy-duty and can produce a subtle smoke.

The box mod, on the other hand, is the housing of the unit. It’s where the battery is located to protect it from shock and more. When you have a durable tank, the quality of smoke you produce is good. There’s no rough feeling in the mouth whenever you puff the smoke.

Collection of e-juices

Choose a vape shop with more than ten kinds of e-juices. There are outlets which can offer hundreds of flavours that you will love. This is important because you might get bored with the usual flavours. Here are the top-selling e-juices in the market:

  • Unicorn milk
  • Vanilla Almond
  • Raspberry
  • Sugar Drizzle
  • Strawberry

The taste should be firm, but not too harsh. Some shops provide samples so customers can see if they like it. You can also join in online forums and read the reviews.


Since you’re a beginner, you need to find a vape shop that offers e-cigarettes that are easy to use. There’s a pen type available in the market today which is not complicated to use. You may contact The Cloud House to order these units and browse through e-juices collection.