Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff when Participating at a Marketing Event

Marketing is probably the most important department in any company as it is the sale of products and services that justify their production. There are a number of ways you can market your products but promotional campaigns specially the ones requiring the participation of promotional girls are pretty hot right now. Here are a few reasons why it’s so good to hire promo girls Byron Bay .

Catch the eye of the customer

The first thing which works in favour of good sales promotional strategies is their buzz factor. A promotional strategy must have the power to catch the eye of the target audience and hold its attention till the message is effectively delivered. How you catch the eye is very important and here is where the utility of promotional staff, especially promotional girls is justified. Market research has proved that the human eye is automatically trained to check out the attributes of an attractive member of the opposite sex. And when the object of attention is promoting a certain product or service then it’s obvious that these products will draw attention. The results will directly reflect in the bottom line of your company.

Consumer interactions

Promotions can alternatively be done by leaflet distribution, brochures, promotional gifts, internet promotions. But what makes hiring promotional staff so great is that it adds a human element to the entire process. The staff will be able to interact with the members of the target audience and engage them in specific activities like participation in a contest, an event, a lucky draw, a make-over event etc. Even something as basic as a free product trial becomes so much more interesting when a smart promotional girl is handling the process. In today’s age when consumers are rapidly moving from seeking good experiences to interactive good experiences, bringing in promotional girls is an idea that will work well in most cases. Promotional items like pens, mugs and shirts are a must have for this event.

Maximising outcomes

Whenever you are participating in a trade show or a marketing event you will have to focus on maximising your outcomes out of the event. You need to figure what to do in order t extract the best possible participation and involvement from the target audience you are exposed to in the marketing event. One of the best ways you can do that and also ensure that interaction gets converted into sales is hiring promotional staff. If you map out the difference between measurable outcomes when you hire promotional staff and when you d not then you will find that there is at least a 30% difference in favour of the former.

Cut out the boredom

Marketing events are sometimes a little boring and most of the target audience would highly appreciate a dollop of glamour and charm to cut out the “blah” factor from the event. After all a few attractive faces can only work well in your company’s favour provided you have employed the right talent selection processes. Make sure that all your promotional staff are uniformly educated about your offerings and brand relevance.