Benefits of Using Customised Urns

The use of customised urns is a practical alternative to the traditional burial methods. Unless your deceased loved one has secured a funeral plan, burying your dead using traditional means can be very expensive. You could have spent a huge amount of money on hospitalisation bills and other expenses to save the life of your beloved. Cremating the remains and putting it in a customised urn is a more practical way to keep memories alive.

For people who are still not convinced on cremating their deceased loved ones, here are some benefits of putting his/her remains in customised urns:


In traditional burials, you should buy a coffin and a parcel of land in a cemetery. These expenses are often huge and can drain the savings of your family. Unless your loved one stated his/her desire to be buried traditionally, you should consider the welfare and financial status of your surviving family. By using customised urns where his/her ashes are stored, you can save more than half of what you would have spent if you selected a traditional funeral.


If you are using customised urn, you no longer need to visit his/her grave when you want to remember your loved one. You can easily spend a quiet time reminiscing your past with him/her in a room where his/her ashes are placed. With the images that remind him/her, you can easily relive the memories that you have spent with him/her.

Creates happy memories

Many people are currently opting to remember their deceased loved ones with a smile or laughter. By using different images that you can associate with him/her, you can remember his/her joy, laughter and passion whilst seeing the images.

They could be a photo of his/her favourite personality, hobbies or a painting of his/her smiling face.

Using customised urns are a more affordable alternative to the very expensive traditional funeral rites. What’s more, they make us reminisce the moments that you shared with your departed loved one on a positive note.