Breast Augmentation Done the Right Way

A few years back, surgeries were not that popular, but with the advancement of technology more surgeons are having success with procedures and this has really influenced the amount of people seeking breast augmentation today. The procedure is common among mums and elderly when but today, younger adults above 18 years are having the procedure done. The International Aesthetics team carries out the procedure and we can gladly say we’ve had a lot of success in the past. With over 300 clients served worldwide, our lead surgeon Dr Unson has really built his reputation and experience making him one of the best surgeons in the world. Before you get the surgery done, here are a few things you should consider doing to aid in the procedure and recovery process;


• Avoid drugs, alcohol or smoking. Smoking and drugs are never good for any medical procedure, therefore if you plan to have the surgery done, you should probably quit them a few months earlier. This will improve the recovery process and also the chances of success.

• Eat healthy and just before the procedure make sure you inform your surgeon all the medications you’ve been taking if any. A good surgeon will probably ask you for these before they take you in. Some medications are not good with surgical procedures, they could cause more bleeding.

• The day before your breast augmentation avoid any vigorous exercise of activity that could drain your energy. You really need the energy during the procedure. Just to point out, exercise can be really good a few months or weeks earlier. Also now that a few weeks as you prepare for breast augmentation the surgeon will probably give you some medication you will be taking in preparation. Never miss to take the medication.

• The day of the procedure, after you shower don’t do makeup or use special types of oil that your surgeon is not aware of. A good shower will be enough to start the day. With an experienced surgeon like Dr Unson, the procedure will definitely go on perfectly no need to worry.

These are just basic tips that you will be expected to follow. Your surgeon will probably tell you more and explain these in detail. The most important thing is that, you should always ensure you get the procedure done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. Check the breast augmentation Thailand. Breast augmentation can be a simple procedure, but without the skills and experience, it can be really risky and could have major side effects.