Choosing Among Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems is one of the often neglected yet important investments in every household. Considering the amount you are to shed in such an appliance, you should make a few research on what suits you and your budget, not just on the actual purchase rather the monthly energy consumption it could add to your bill.

Technically, there are three types of Hot Water Systems known in the market, and these are the following:

  • Gas Hot Water Systems

As the word describes it, runs on natural gas as the source of heat for the entire system. Often offered as a tank-less continuous flowing gas water heater, designed to provide continuous supply of hot water to your faucets when you turn on the tap. Such design only heats the passing water on the system. Designed to heat the cold water as it pass thru the hot water system each time a hot water tap is switched on or opened; the said water flow turns on the sensor that ignites the gas burner which heats the water in the system.

  • Electric Hot Water Systems

This type of heater incorporates a tank, an insulated tank that has the heating element in it, just like that of a giant water kettle. The hot water flows continuously as the element activates when the temperature in the tank drops. Cold water is drawn and exits heated as it passes thru the system.

  • Solar Hot Water Systems

As the word describes the unit, it draws energy from the sun stored in a solar thermal collector which then converts it to heat the water in the tank. Storage tank are often mounted below or at least lower than the solar thermal collectors to allow the preinstalled or pre-existing storage tanks to be used (often stored or situated in an area to prevent heat loss).

Each systems have their own pros and cons, thus, it is wise to consider doing a research on what suits you best. Especially considering the amount that you need to shed for such an investment; highly considering the maintenance and monthly cost in utility bills after installation. It is just wise to learn the advantages and disadvantages prior to deciding what to acquire.

Apart from the foresaid things, you should also put importance to the person who will install and maintain the said equipment or appliance, such that should have the license and certification to function or work in such field, and carry out such task of working and maintaining hot water systems Gold Coast.