Different shapes of shade sails

Shade sails are perfect for adding beauty to a home or a shop as well as providing the shade needed as a protection from the elements. There are several types of shade sails but here are three of the most prominent shapes known in the market. Each shade sail shape that will be discussed has its own advantage and disadvantages as well as an inclusion of where these can be possibly applied and should be very well thought of before choosing one for the right area to be applied.


Triangles are common shapes for shade sails and are good for giving an area a boost in its aesthetics but may be difficult to apply for the purpose of shading as the triangular-shaped shade can cover only so much area and this can also be dependent on how the triangle is positioned over the space where it should be installed. Triangular shade sails, when installed properly and in a combination with other individual triangular shade sails, can become a visually stunning scene and can be perfect for places like restaurants or shops with open areas where customers can enjoy themselves without exposing themselves to the heat.

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Rectangular or square

Shade sails in the shape of a rectangle or square are popular choices as it can cover an area on all four corners. Depending on how it is used, it can be pointed at the top to resemble a carnival tent or just stretched flat. In the case of a rectangular shade sail, the longer diagonals are stretched to certain lengths to give the seemingly plain rectangular shade a brand-new look. This shade sail is used for a variety of uses such as decks, small tents used for special occasions and even small booths during events.

Multiple shades

Multiple shades are shade sails which are best known for their aesthetic appeal. These are large and can overlap one another in different shapes and sizes. These are often seen in resorts where the cottages or sidewalk shops are needed with creative shades that may look like cut-outs. While the primary advantage of the multiple shades is definitely how it enhances the beauty of a specific location it covers, with the shapes varying from one point to another, it is possible that only selected places can get covered by the shade and the gaps can expose people to the elements be it the sun, rain or snow.

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