Do You Own Pruning

At Acclaim Tree Care & Services, we have experienced arborists who have had extensive success in offering tree services in and around Brisbane. There are a couple of services involved with trees, some include tree trimming, tree lopping, felling and even removal. Some of these require trained arborists but with some, you need some basic skills and you are good to go. Trimming and pruning your garden and young trees is something you can easily learn and perfect with time. So where do you start? Selecting the right tools for the job is the first step. Here are a few considerations to have in mind when selecting tree loppers for your pruning activities;

• The type of blades

We have the anvil and the bypass loppers. The two types vary by the way they cut on objects. The bypass blades are similar to the scissors. The anvil blades on the other hand cut by closing on a flat surface. The bypass blades are not a good option for dead trees, therefore you should always go for the anvil loppers.


• The handle and grip

For tree loppers that require swinging by the hand, you will have to consider the grip of the handle-you don’t want the lopper to swing off your hand and possibly injury people around you. The handle should be rough and with a form grip that won’t easily slip off your hand. For this case, you can try holding the lopper to have a feel of how it will be like when working. It should feel comfortable.

• Weight and your purpose

Good tree loppers shouldn’t be too heavy or too light; if the lopper is too heavy it will limit what you can do and on the other hand very light loppers can be very risky and could possibly slide off your hand. The purpose of the lopper in this case means what you are going to do with the lopper and for this, you should consider the size of the bush or tree you are going to prune.

Safety is always a priority; therefore if you don’t feel confident about the task you should contact our trained arborists for a quick response and quality service. If the pruning will involve you climbing a tree, you should probably as for professional tree service. If you wish to do simple garden pruning, don’t worry because most tree loppers have a guide on how to use them safely. Professional service is always a priority. Call the tree loppers Brisbane.