Dos and Don’ts of Pest Control

Pests have always been one of our many problems inside our house. They live with us for free but they still cause us harm in return. These pests certainly should be evicted in our houses. Aside from all the damages that they can do to our furniture, they can also give us serious diseases that may lead to death. These free loaders should be eradicated before they can cause irreversible harm that all we can do is just regret because of the fact that we could have prevented them from staying in our house but instead we waited for a while before eradicating them completely.

To help you in performing your do it yourself pest control method, here are the dos and don’ts that you should know.

1. Do a prevention method.

First of all, you have to eliminate their source of food, water and shelter. If you do this, they will certainly not stay in your house since they have nothing to stay for. This is why cleaning ones house has always been beneficial, it can prevent pests from staying in the house and it will keep the family safe from any dangers of getting a bacteria or a virus. If you want to store foods, you can store it in a plastic container in where these pests cannot open or invade. This is also a great way to ensure that you foods are clean and are not contaminated by any kind of pests or insect.

2. Do a safe application of pesticide.

If you have tried the first step and there are those pests still living in your house, then it may be high time that you apply pesticide on the area that they have invaded. But first, you have to make sure that your family and pets are safe from the pesticide that you will be applying. They should be far enough for them not to be able to inhale the pesticide or digest it in any way. Especially the pets since they do not know what the pesticide can do to them. They should be far away from the area will you be applying pesticide on. Read the instruction at the back of the pesticide bottle for you to know the right way of applying the pesticide. As much as possible, you should use a pesticide that is easy to use, you do not have to mix the solution or create one.

3. Do not think that the more solution applied, the better the result.

It should not be this way since it can do more harm than do what you expect it to do. Enough amount of pesticide can already kill the pests so make sure that you are just applying the needed amount not too much of it because you might not just be killing pests but also your pets or the people inside the house. A pesticide is a poison and if this is inhaled or digested by a human or a pet, it will surely be a big risk.