The Advantages of Using Dry Ice Blasting as a Carpet Cleaning Method

One of the most well-known cleaning methods is called dry ice blasting. While this is slightly pricier than most cleaning methods, it is highly praised for several reasons. Dry ice blasting is used on different materials that make use of cleaning such as walls, electronic circuits and of course, carpets. Melbourne carpet cleaning who offer dry ice blasting assure clients that their carpets are in best hands and will receive and optimal clean that they can enjoy and more.


Safe for use around humans and animals

One of the best known advantages of using dry ice blasting for cleaning carpets is that it does not make use of harsh chemicals that might be to overpowering to the senses of those who will make use of the carpets. Dry ice is produced using the dry ice blasting machine that carpet cleaners. This dry ice is basically solidified carbon dioxide and unlike its counterpart, the ice that results from water, it does not leave residues. It is also properly disposed after its use in order to keep the dry ice from coming into contact with people or animals as it can cause frost bites.

Environmental friendly

Carpet cleaners that make use of the dry ice blasting carpet cleaning method is an assurance that that this process of cleaning carpets is friendly to the environment as it does not make use of carpet cleaning chemicals. Some chemicals that are used for carpet cleaning may not be too good with regards to the environment in term of its disposal which usually leads to poisoning or contamination in one way or another. This is one of the reasons why carpet cleaners often push themselves in opting for an environmental friendly carpet cleaning method in which it includes dry ice blasting.

Fast and efficient

Carpet cleaners enjoy the cleaning benefits that dry ice blasting brings for the reason that it effectively pushes out the dirt that is deeply embedded in the carpet fibers. It is done in a fast, forceful and yet o very safe and gentle that no matter how little the dirt is, it will be removed from the carpet without risking the carpet’s fibers as carpet damage is something that should be avoided at all costs. The money invested in using dry ice blasting will be worth every penny as there is no risk to health and safety and the carpets are very clean.