Elements Of Design In Business Signs

A bad signage could do a lot of damage in a business for it is one of the most important marketing tool. This happens when the message that the business owners want to convey do not get across their targeted clientele. What gets in the way? Unreadable font typeface, non-complementary colours, visually distracting images, or confusing messages. There are different components to consider when making signs and a great business signage take these into consideration by creating balance and harmony between the elements of design.


Probably the most important feature of a signage is the content. This includes the information or the message that is to be advertised. A properly written content will not confuse customers but will provide the needed information to them at first glance. This can be tricky but not impossible. The key to achieving this is to limit the words and keep the statement direct to the point.


led-signsOne key element in designing is to use the power of colours. There had been researches that provide the best colour combinations that can be easily read by onlookers. Among the top are black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, white on blue, and yellow on blue. Experts also say that colours can evoke certain feelings or moods. For food industries, they can also stimulate (brighter tones) or decrease (darker/bland tones) the appetite. So depending on the type of business, the colours can be mixed to create the effect desired on the customers.


The use of images can help emphasize the message that business signs convey by creating a connection between the image and the message being advertised. But most of the time, they create confusion. So in designing, it must be decided whether an image would be necessary or maybe it would be better to just use it for next time.


The size greatly affects the readability of the signage so make sure when deciding the size of the frame and font, the words can be read even from a distance or inside a moving car.


Leave plenty of “white space” – meaning, don’t squeeze in too many letters or images into the frame. White space allows the eyes to focus on the text. This allows the message to be properly conveyed to the onlookers.


It can be tough to choose a font that would best suit a business signage. The main criteria are that the font should be readable. Too fancy font styles would be difficult to decipher from a long distance and inside a moving vehicle. Playing with different font styles adds a creative element to business signs but when overdone can create a very confusing and unreadable message. Human eyes can more easily read block letters; however, using all caps can also be difficult to read so stick with proper capitalisation.

These are just few tips to help you get started with designing. When unsure the best solution is to hire a business signage provider in Gold Coast to help you create the perfect design.