Areas Available for End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning Sydney is available for clients who are moving out of a temporary residential or commercial area. This is usually done as a requirement from the owner of the building so it will be ready for another occupant or as a gesture of kind will when the lessee will move out from the area they have used prior to their decision of moving out. End of lease cleaning is provided by a domestic cleaning team which delivers a very thorough clean to the areas their clients wish to have a one-time clean in order for it to be cleaned before or after they leave the premises.


In some cases, there are houses available for rent as what its owners intended it to be. End of lease cleaning can cover houses for rent as it is a temporary dwelling place for the people who made use of the area. The houses will be cleaned as well as it can by the domestic cleaners from the bathroom, kitchen and the sleeping quarters and would possibly extend to other places of the house such as the attic, basement or closets should they exist.


Apartments are one of the most common temporary dwelling places which make use of an end f lease cleaning. When a tenant has already left or has already finished packing, the cleaning can commence courtesy of the domestic cleaning team. Washing, mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming, wiping and disinfecting are commonly performed in these situations and would often only cover bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms as these are the rooms that an apartment unit usually boasts as it can already provide the basic functions needed for by a person who has made that unit his or her temporary home.

Commercial buildings

Another most common place which makes use of an end of lease cleaning is a commercial building. These buildings, which have several units available for rent, also make use of this special type of cleaning service for the same reason as those apartment units but the only difference is that the people making use of the units in commercial type buildings are institution, companies or organizations. Should the contracts of these businesses or groups expire or if they wish to transfer to another location, an end of lease cleaning is performed to make sure that the units are in tip-top shape and are ready for use when another organization wishes to move in on the now vacated unit.