Do you Really Need To Give Engagement Rings?

First of all, let me just ask, are engagement rings really important like can’t you get married without this? Well, as there are really no laws for this, I guess you can just get one the wedding without one. However, will someone say yes to you without it? It is not really being materialistic but as it is already traditional to give engagement ring to the one you ask to marry you, asking her without it might put your relationship to risk. Even if the girl is kind of practical, but still, every girl wants a ring in her finger when engaged. Without one, they just can’t help it but they will feel less loved and their boyfriend inadequate. A ring is somehow symbolizes the effort and the determination aside from the love of course of the man asking her girl to be with him for the rest of his life.

When you ask a girl to marry you, it only means that you assume you are ready not only emotionally but most of all, financially. If from the start you have not even come up with an engagement ring when you only have the girl to think of, how much more when you will already have kids. An engagement ring, though seem to be irrelevant is a good sign that you are indeed ready and that you have been trying your best to be responsible. An engagement ring in the girl’s finger is also one way of telling the other guys that she is already spoken for. It is also one way of telling her friends that someone is willing to be part of her life. Ending up with someone who is willing to be with you for the rest of your life does not happen every day. That is why, even if the engagement ring seems to be irrelevant in the real sense of the word, to the girl you are about to ask to be with you, this ring can be her most prized possession.

And so, on that note, if you have the capability to give your dream girl the best engagement ring there is, then why not! She truly deserves that as she should be an extraordinary woman or else, you would not ask her to marry you. Among the available engagement rings nowadays, the diamond rings are said to be the most expensive and for good reasons. For one, they are the best to symbolize your love as diamonds are really known not only for their elegance but for their durability most of all. However, if by chance money is really tight, then you can just go for engineered diamond engagement ring. By just the term alone, you will right away understand that the diamond here is man-made or manufactured. They are less expensive but they look almost the same as the real ones. In fact, if you are an expert about diamonds, you can hardly tell the difference.