Some Facts About Granny Flats

Are you wondering what’s that building extension that are attached to the main houses of your neighbors? You must be wondering why you are always seeing flats like that in your neighborhood and even when you visit other neighborhoods. Well for your information, that is what they call the granny flat. As the name suggests, it is originally meant for grannies so that they can leave separately but near enough to be supervised by relatives who are still able. However, granny flats are not really used as granny flats these days. Some are using them for other purposes like as extra room or even for extra income. Because even those who have their grannies living in other states are building granny flats. Why do you think so? it is because granny flats can be advantageous in a lot of ways and those that are mentioned above are just some of them.

And so, if you are curious about granny flats, here are some important facts about them:

  • If you are planning to build a granny flat, you should abide by the law about this type of building. Unlike every building, you don’t need to obtain one permit, you are only allowed one granny flat for every one main building. Actually, granny flat is also secondary dwelling thus it means there will be no third or fourth dwelling or any subdivision.
  • The area of granny flats are at the same time limited. Every granny flat will only have a maximum size of 60m2. If you heard otherwise, you should be careful as you might just waste your money. Might as well inquire first from the designated agencies.
  • If you happen to go overboard, then you need to obtain a permit like the way regular buildings are required. That is why, it is a must that if you don’t have any idea about the rules and regulations in building a granny flat in your state, you find first a reputable firm that builds granny flats as they can help you in this process. Since they have already built too many granny flats, they already memorize the rules that must be followed wherever state you are in.

So, basically, these are some of the must-know facts about granny flats. The reason they are really getting popular like you will always see them around, it is because they are kind of versatile. As what are mentioned above, you can granny flats for a number of things depending on your requirements and you can also use it for additional monthly income.

However, the quality of your granny flat will greatly depend on the builder. The builder will be able to inject brilliant ideas so that your granny flat will still be comfortable for its future inhabitant. And Kameleon specialise in the design and full build of granny flats for Perth residents.