Free Online Radio Advertising Stations, Massive Marketing Opportunity!

We all know that the Internet and related businesses have revolutionized media consumption en mass. With big players like Facebook, Twitter, Google & Apple having experienced unprecedented growth in the past ten years but an exciting development, and little less reported on, is a recent and surprising statistic to catch marketing managers attention.

Why Internet Radio on Mobiles?

The major draw of Internet radio on mobiles is the instant accessibility. With media streaming options now available, there are no time delay or memory issues as in conventional downloading of music files. No endless waiting for files to download, no question of hunting for where you saved a particular song on your hard disk. All users now need to do is browse one of the free online radio stations, choose the songs they want, and it plays instantaneously.


Internet radio stations offer songs from a wide variety of genres to choose from — whatever your age, preferences, favorite band or even the frame of mind – there is always a song to match. Rock, tech, hip hop, dance, pop or urban — no style and no song are off limits. For quite a lot of people, the unending commercial breaks between songs in conventional radio can be a big turn-off. In sharp contrast, Internet radio has minimal advertisements, and this means users need not put up with boring or even annoying commercial breaks. Minimal interference in the listening experience is one of the factors that make Internet radio a big hit.

For radio fans, the sound quality is an important parameter that contributes to the listening experience. Mobile phones are growing more sophisticated by the day; not only visual but the audio output is better, too. Most mobile phone speakers now provide audio quality that is comparable to that of mp3 players, making it more attractive for people to tune into an online radio station for their dose of music. Equally important, with online radio, there is no question of bad weather interfering with the ability to access music. CheckĀ Radio Advertising Perth.

No Charges — It’s Free!

While some Internet radio services require users to subscribe by paying a yearly or monthly fee, quite a few stations offer music for free. To popularize their station over the competition, some even have a system where listeners can win points by interacting, and these points can be redeemed for prizes. Especially for youngsters whose parents keep a watchful eye on Internet expenses, free online radio stations are the best way to listen to music.

With mobile Internet browsing becoming the order of the day, online radio stations are adopting responsive web designs that allow for a user-friendly browsing experience on mobile phones. With online radio, people can locate their favorite station, check the top songs of the season, make a list of their favorite songs and even invite friends to listen to their songs. Online radio makes it easier to experience different genres of music from across countries and cultures. With an option of streaming global radio stations direct to your mobile, the experience can only get better and better.