Function Rooms: Questions to Ask Before Making a Reservation

When looking for function rooms, you should ask all relevant questions first before finally booking. There are many available function rooms available for you to rent, so there is no reason to rush and immediately make reservations without asking questions. If you do not know where to start, then use the questionnaires below:

  • How can I make reservations?

Different companies have different terms and reservation agreements. You should then ask for specific instructions on how to book in their venue. For some, calling them over the telephone is enough for them to reserve them for days. But after the deadline has elapsed and you did not deposit a down payment, they will open it again for others. Other companies do not hold the room until you make a deposit. You should know how they specifically handle reservations.

  • Can I bring food or drinks?

Some property managers of function rooms are very strict in bringing food and drinks inside the venue. Some have their own designated catering service and do not allow bringing of food and drinks from outsiders. On the other hand, other companies will ask for a corkage fee.

If you plan to bring your own food make sure that you speak with them about it.

  • Can I bring my own host?

They may have assigned someone to host your event, so it is necessary that you let them know that you want to hire your own host for the event. Also, check their available packages and make sure you choose from packages where the host is not included, as they may charge you extra for that.

  • What is the capacity of your rooms?

Make sure that they give you options according to the number of your expected guests. Tell them the number of your expected guests and ask them to show you the available rooms they have that can accommodate all your guests comfortably.

See to it that you ask them questions you need to know, to ensure that you are getting the right function rooms for your event.