Getting Doggers Ticket

Dogging is one of the most common jobs in the construction industry because of the many businessmen who are building high rise building. If you want to find a job in this industry, you should get yourself a doggers ticket because it is your way in. Dogging is very essential in the construction industry to be able to build those high rise buildings but dogging is a dangerous and risky job that is why the person who is responsible for it needs to undergo proper training and be able to complete the course. After the completion of the course, he will need to take the assessment before he can get his certification that would verify if he can do the job.

A doggers ticket is what most construction companies look for before they hire a person for a dogging job. Enrol now at doggers ticket Brisbane. The training that should be undergone by the person who wants to apply for a dogging position should be given by a licensed dogging training facility or school because if it is just some training school that is not really known by the industry, the companies might have second thoughts in hiring the person even if he has his certificates already.


The dogging course training that will be undergone by the trainee is an intensive one week course. This course is all about dogging and the essentials of it that is why you can expect the trainee will really be able to perform the job after he finishes the course. He will be taught on how to properly set up and handle the machine and he will also be trained on how to apply safety measures, calculate the angles and all to be able to have a safe operation for everybody. As said, a dogging job is a great responsibility as it can make or break the project being done. When the dogger is not well trained and he screws up, the entire project could be jeopardized or he might be putting many lives at risk.

The machine that will be learned to be able to get a doggers ticket is a big machine that is very essential to the construction of a high rise building. This machine is the one bring the materials up the highest floor of the building for the construction workers to use. Sometimes, it also acts as the support for the people who are doing their job up in the building. This is why the operator of the machine should really know everything about it for him to be able to operate and handle the machine well enough.

The maintenance and properly taking care of the machine is also included in the course as the dogman will act like the owner of it. He must ensure that the machine is always ready to be used for the next operation and is functioning well to be able to do a sure job. After every subject is learned, the trainee will be assessed with written and practical testing to know if he can do the dogging job or not.

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