Guide To Buying A New Computer

You need to always buy the right computer products, except you have a huge pile of cash laying somewhere, or you love to frequent a computer repairs centre every now and then. Perhaps the old system needs a change, or you’ve recently morphed into a game playing mutant, or your job simply requires a better system, or perhaps you need a more portable device to handle your daily commute; all these scenarios require that you do the needful and make a conscious choice when buying. Here are factors to consider when you want to purchase a new system.

What is it needed for?

If you are only going to be using Microsoft applications with your computer, then you will need a computer with minimalist features that can handle your need. However, if your use of the computer will entail heavy game playing, video editing, video streaming, or huge data analysis with R or Matlab, then you will need a computer system with a huge RAM (Random Access Memory), a very capable graphic, and a very fast processor. If you fail to ascertain every need you will ever use the computer for, then you will be left short changed when overuse reduces the lifespan of your system. Furthermore, overuse will likely result in early visit to the computer repairs store.

Where it will be used

If you need a system that you only use at home, then you can afford to buy a computer system that has a huge screen, however if you are always moving around carrying your laptop, then you’ll need a very portable device with a small screen, capable RAM and processor, and light weight. You don’t want people to feel you’re carrying a TV in your bag.


Maintenance cost could vary depending on the manufacturer of the computer system; although this difference might be negligible in some. However, replacing the screen of a system with touch screen is different from replacing a system with normal screens. Factoring that in before buying will not let your jaw drop when you’re given a quote for your computer repairs.


The final bus stop on this is the cost consideration. You should look for computer systems in the range of your needs. There are places to get bargain buys; you can decide to buy a used laptop as well.

Computers are increasingly hard to live without, buying the right one for your need is absolutely essential. You don’t want to be stuck doing nothing all because your computer system has landed in the hand of unprofessional technician, rather you want to give yourself the best chance possible to enjoy a long lasting use of your computer system with the help of computer repair Sydney.