Guides in Buying Water Skis

The type of water skis that you need to buy depends on your level of expertise and it also depends on your physique. Your height and weight will be measured before you can buy water skis. However, for those who are just starting to learn the sport, the skis that are used by the beginners are the general ones, meaning there is no need to measure the height and the weight of the person.

Levels of expertise

1)    The competitors- these are the skiers who practice daily and they prefer the fast and the sharp curves. They are those who prefer short lines and speeds that range from 34-36 miles per hour. The kinds of water skis that they use are made from harder materials like graphite.


2)    The intermediate/advanced skiers- the water condition is not a factor for those who belong to this category. They prefer to ski in open water as well as in free rides. They have used the slalom water skis and succeed in it but their main purpose for skiing is not to compete but to enjoy the sun and water.

3)    The beginner skiers- these are those who are learning how to ride the slalom skis and the speed that they use is the lowest one. They are the ones who want to graduate from the double or pair skis to slalom water skis.

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Factors to consider

1)    The bindings- this has something to do with control of the skis. For the beginners, it is best to choose the one that has an adjustable front bonding that comes with a slip in toe. The advanced skiers use the one that has no adjustable or fixed binding and the size fits in exactly to their foot for maximum ankle support.

2)    Sizing- the beginners must use the water skis that are built with wider bodies so maneuvering the skis are not very difficult. Plus, the wide bodies prevent the boats from speeding. It is also advisable for the beginners to select the ones with soft flex as they are still learning how to turn, and the soft flex makes it easier for them to do turns as it acts as a shock absorber for strong waves. For the advanced skiers, they use the water skis that are made from tough materials like graphite for sharper turns.

Enjoy the sun, water, and the wind and choose the right sports equipment online for a more enjoyable and injury-free water skiing.