5 Psychological Principles of High Converting Websites

For business owners, the website plays a vital importance to one’s online presence. If you want your website to capture user’s attention, you must first understand how their brain works. Here are tips on how to do that:

Use Colour Theory and Contrast Psychology

It’s no secret that colour is a powerful psychological tool. From, picking our grocery, to making our signage, we relied on colour before we decide and purchase the product. In fact, in a study of Satyendra Singh of the University of Winnipeg Canada, he found out that people takes 90 seconds to form an opinion, and 65% to 90% is based on the colour alone. That’s why colour psychology is important to catch the interest of your customer as well as add meaning to your design.

Website Design

Visual salience

Visual salience is perceptual of items dissimilar from its surroundings that immediately grab our interest. Say, for instance, you have an image of five squares, but amongst the five, one of them is colour red whilst the others are green. Likely, the red one will catch your attention, this is because of visual salience. So, when designing your platform, it is vital that your homepage has different formatting and colour to make them stand out.

Cognitive Fluency

If you will research the most visited sites, you’ll likely see that each one of them has a minimalist design. This is because they are using the principle known as cognitive fluency. Cognitive fluency is a measure of how easy it is to think about something or the level of information that our brains receive. It turns out that people prefer things that easy to think about rather than hard ones. That’s why instead of being too creative, they use the straightforward design on their brand.

Instant Gratification

Whilst we are taught that good things come to those who wait, our brain wants the opposite of that. Instant gratification is the psychology of experiencing something without delay. Meaning, you’d rather choose today instead of tomorrow or if you want something, you want to have it now. So, how does this relate to your website? Easy. Make sure that your load page doesn’t take forever, or else your users will be frustrated and immediately close your tab.

Principle of Reciprocity

One of the psychological principle you can take advantage is the principle of reciprocity. It means that when someone gives you a favour, you’ll likely return it from him. So, offer them discounts, free coupon etc. After a month, you’ll see that your conversion rate is much higher.

Now you know the basic design of psychology, you can now use these on your website. If you don’t have the knowledge and time to do that, Generation Digital, a digital agency Brisbane is here to help.