How Important Are Engagement Rings

Engagement rings, are they still important that you can’t propose to your girl without them? I guess this is a case to case basis and greatly rely on the side of the man about to propose. Well, it will rely on him in the first place being he will be the one to but the ring and he will be the one to be left hanging if the girl won’t accept him without the ring. On the side of the girl though, can you say she is shallow if she will not have the man without the ring? I say that this will still depend on the financial status of the man. But given that the man has money and he still did not think of acquiring an engagement ring first before proposing, maybe the girl has the right to get hurt. Besides, there are really countries that give so much importance on engagement rings.


When you are provided by an engagement ring upon proposal even if you have a hard time buying it like you have to cut your expenses so that you can save up enough money to give even a Diamond Engagement Rings Sydney to your girl, the girl can truly say that you love her. Yes, an engagement ring can be a sign of love being it is not easy to obtain especially those expensive ones. It is one proof that you are really serious about the girl that you are willing to sacrifice just to make sure she will have you. Now, who would not be overflowed with happiness at such gesture! But that does not mean that all engagement rings should be expensive. That will deeply rely on the financial capability of the man in question.

Another scenario where you can say that engagement rings can be useful is as binding proof that your girl is already spoken for marriage. The thing is when you proposed to your girl, surely you do not expect for the world to know it, not unless you are a celebrity maybe. Minus the engagement ring, those who do not know that there was a proposal will still see her as a single girl  and therefore available. That means they will still try to get close to your girl with romantic goals in mind unless the girl will told them otherwise. This means that your girl will always be tested. However, with the ring on, and very visible on his finger, temptation will be less for guys will kind of back off knowing that she is already promised. The ring will also serve as your sign of love to the girl and wearing it will make the girl so proud that out of so many women out there, you choose her to be your lifetime partner.

So, if you will ask if engagement rings are still important, they certainly are though there are times when there are more important things that must be prioritized. Thus they just get on with the proposal without the engagement ring.