How to Build a Pergola

The pergolas are a very beautiful and nice structure to have in your home and it is something most people like in their homes. This is because it offers protection against the harsh weather elements and against UV rays. It also has historical significance and can give your house that feeling of historical beauty, but the problem is that most people do not know how to go about building one. If they do then they do not know the materials and tools needed to make sure they do a quality job. In this article I will be showing you all you need to know to get started building one for yourself.

The first step in building pergolas is you need to install the posts. The posts are usually pressure treated cores of 4 by 4 and are sheathed with cedar. So what you do is to secure them to a steel pad using steel post anchors. Then you lay out the post and mark out the locations of the screw. Then you take ¼ inches screws that usually thread or enter 3/16 inches holes and bore them in with a hammer drill. Using a hammer drill will make sure that they stay firmly and not fall out.

The next step in building pergolas is to hold each post in a plumb way and then drive nails through into the wood. One thing you can do is to brace the posts so they always remain plumb. Then you need to attach the support beams. The support beams are more like the foundation of your structure. So you need to make sure you get it right. What you do is you take 4 polls and cut them 2 by 6 lengths. Then you clamp them to the posts and make sure they are secure. You can secure them with screw nails.

Then you need to attach the cross beams. The cross beams are also very good for giving it additional support and balance. This is usually attached overhead. So you place them at the posts overhead and then using a drill you bore holes in them and screw them to the support beams. Then you need to fit the caps and the top plates. These are the final steps in building your structure; the caps are more like the roof that are place on top of the support beams.

One thing you need to make sure of when building pergolas is to make sure that everything is tightly secured. This will ensure that there are no accidents or mishaps later. See pergolas Melbourne.