How to select the right and the best paper for printing


To choose the right and correct paper for printers is not that easy as you think that you simply have to look for the most expensive one. You shouldn’t choose the paper based on high quality that you can see along the market or even when it comes to your budget.  You have to choose the paper according to what you really need and according to what’s the situation. Selection of paper is very complicated because ink coverage, batch of paper, and moisture in the air will affect the printing of paper.

Select the paper of appropriate size, which really fits your printer easily. Because depending on the sheet size the printer plans to use. Even a small change like 1/16th of an inch in the width of paper piece can make a huge difference to do the proper job on the sheet. The personality of printing depends on the personality of your paper, its texture, colour. The paper’s price can determined by the coating and the quality of the paper. If you are printing some environmental issues, then keep in mind to use recycled content and the content which conveys the environmental feel.

During photographic reproduction, coated gloss, matte or silk sheet is used for a great and safe choice. You can also try something new by using textured and Special papers which are not very common. It’s not necessary that you have to select White paper always for printing. The look and the colors and the design you need depends on what you want. The papers are available in blue-white, balanced white, soft white colours and lastly the natural white. To give a bright look and allows the colours to stand out you can use blue white paper. But for soft and classy look you can use soft white paper.

After getting knowledge about which colour to select for printing service, it is time to know about paper weight. It depends that if your project will be printed on the both sides, heavy ink coverage is involved, then you have to select one step heavier paper. But if you are posting some documents and the postage cost depends on the weight, then you have to select the lighter weight paper. Preferably, use recycled papers for printing to stop environmental pollution. They run very smoothly on the press and fold and emboss of recycled paper is better than the simple paper because the recycled fibres are softer and they allow the processes to be performed easily. During the selection of paper, your budget should be always in your mind.