How To Store your Car

Some events of your life may not include the use of your car. Whether you are going away on a vacation, business trip or just staying on your friend’s house for a little while. However, if you are going to leave your car in your garage, you might forget about the dirt or the damage it will get after you haven’t took care of it since you are away. If you are going to leave it for a long period of time, mechanical problems are most likely to arise. Especially during the winter season. For owners of classic or luxury sports cars, the intense cold climate is a headache. First, it is a temporary dead-end for driving and secondly, all you can ever do is to secure your care in it’s storage. So make sure to take careful steps before you go on with your trip.

Allow us to share with you the most important steps that you should consider in storing your car while you are away. Remember, prevention is always better than any cure. Bendigo car storage is best the answer for this.


1. Keep it Weatherproofed
Severe weather is your number 1 enemy if you are a car owner. When there’s too much heat, car fluids will eventually dry up, the engine will overheat, air in tires will expand and heat can also shorten the span of your battery. On the other hand, when the temperature drops: for all season tires, the rubber compound will harden, motor oil thickens, overall fuel consumption is much higher than normal and heaters will delay engine warm-up.

2. Wash, clean and wax
Unwanted stains can ruin the car’s paint so make sure to wash it with clean water, wipe it dry and for more protection, apply wax on it.

3. Check and / or change engine oil
If you are only leaving the car for a week, you can skip this step.
Check your oil or you can have it checked by a mechanic. If the oil is 30 days old, make sure to change it right away because engine oil has contaminants that can damage the engine.

4. Fill it up
Before storing your car, fill your tank. Another long-term storage tip. This can prevent seals from drying out and moisture that accumulates inside the tank. Protect your engine from rust and varnish by using a fuel stabilizer.

5. Keep it charged from time to time
Ask your neighbor or any friend to start up the car even just for about 20 minutes. If you don’t, the car’s battery will lose its charge.

6. Ventilation
Roll down the window a little bit just to allow air from preventing moisture buil-up on the interiors.

7. Keep the pests out
The garage can keep your car weatherproofed, yes. But unfortunately, it is home to many critters also like rodents. Cover gaps in your car to avoid these pests from entering. You can also use moth balls too or other pest-repellant products.

8. Place plastic wraps or covers on the windshield under the wiper blades
By using this, it can prevent the rubber from sticking to the glass.

9. Prevent flat spots
This occurs on the tires when it becomes inflated when the weight of the car presses down.

10. Cover
Apply a tight-fit material or a weatherproof cover (in case of placing it outdoors).