The Importance Of Tree Services

Tree services usually refer to the trimming of tree with dangerous height from 6 to 12 meters. The trimming of dangerous, uprooted, fallen, inclined, dangerous trees or the pruning of the fruit trees or branches is made only on the basis of approvals obtained by the customer from the local authorities.

The rate for the tree services is calculated for a climber who performs pruning, trimming or reconstitution operations of the trees with dry and dangerous crowns. The price is for the information and the offer will be made depending on the difficulty of each tree.

The Mackay tree service company have qualified tree cutters in rope access, all armed with scissors, mechanical chainsaw and other necessary equipment for cutting, trimming, pruning and falling trees.


The price for grooming / trimming / pruning trees with heights between 6 and 12 meters includes labor costs and fuel inputs for equipment, saws and mechanical devices used when cutting branches without grouping and shredding cut branches, tree branches and crop residues and wood offcuts, shaping, trimming or felling trees and tall trees, dry or dangerous. Optionally you can order load and transportation.

In the urban environment, trimming and maintenance of trees, felling trees and regeneration, felling of trees (in cases where there is no alternative) always happens.

The grooming of the trees runs fragmented, on portions of the limbs or trunks, in a controlled manner and applies to trees in physiological state of degradation, trees with branches that are dry, trees with older age and high drying branches, trees that are leaning and that may be affecting the utilities.

Maintenance of the trees is applied at regular time intervals (5-10 years) and at the deciduous tree species and in limited cases at the coniferous trees.

Tree pruning and maintenance of the trees can be aimed at cleansing, eliminating deadwood, branches, crowded and broken branches, and rejuvenation of the crown even can be cutting ascension of the crown of the trees, which consists of periodic cutting branches from the base of the tree trunk on some high ground.

Reducing the crown of a tree, during the rest period of the vegetation, is done to get a silhouette a- aesthetics, to make the tree branches less dense and remove dead wood. Too severe trimming should be avoided. If a tree has been trimmed long, it is spread over two or three years intervention. Cut approximately one third of the length of the branches. The trees on the roadside are trimmed to prevent possible falling branches on the dry road.