Important Uses of Promotional Products

One of the tried and tested marketing tactics that is widely used is the distribution of promotional products. In fact, surveys have proven that consumers tend to view companies in a more positive way if they distribute the products that are used to promote their company. 50% of those surveyed say that they use the products all the time and that is a big number considering that those who use the promotional products actually help in the marketing your business.

  • For brand recognition– you cannot deny the fact that there are many companies which offer similar products such as yours. The goal of promotional products is to increase your brand recognition and this can be achieved by distributing products that are very useful, products that are used every day. People can see your brand name on the products and this can lead to memory retention. Time comes when they have a need for the products that you are selling, then, chances are they will remember your brand name through the promotional products.
  • It can be cheap- you have the option to choose which promotional products to use and the products need not be expensive. A ball pen or a cap is great promotional item as these items are used every day. Such a small price tag for a large or huge return of investment, surely, the promotional item is a winner in terms of marketing strategies.
  • It is used as a business card– rather than giving away business cards, why not shift to giving away promotional products that have all the information about your company. If you are in a salon business, you can use umbrellas as promotional items, rain or shine, people will use this product and as a result, those who use it become walking advertisements. Continuous exposure leads to memory retention which in turn leads to brand or business patronage. Like the business signage, these are considered to be an effective non verbal advertising tool.
  • It can be used for customer loyalty– who would not be happy if given usable products that are free? Everyone appreciates freebies especially if given by those companies whom the customers are patronizing. As a result, the promotional products are great way to encourage customers to remain loyal to your company. By giving away these promotional items, you make them feel important. Make the customers feel very appreciated by giving them freebies which can they use every day and they would continue to patronage your business.

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