Intellectual property

We are living in a dispensation where innovations have become the order of the day. There is always something new being invented and being introduced into the market thanks to the great technological advancement. All sectors are revolving at a supersonic speed. The numerous innovations coming into the market have proved that anyone can be an inventor; it is no longer a reserve for a few who are privileged. This alone has caused the rise in the number of patents secured than in the past few decades. Thanks to technology, it is very possible o access info on various sites on the World Wide Web. The higher the exposure to info the higher the expertise and the more the innovations and thus a patent as a way of safeguarding one’s intellectual property from being plagiarized or ‘stolen’.




A patent is a form of a royal decree that grants a person exclusive rights in regard to something they have invented. There are different types of patents ranging from design to plant breeders; each area of expertise has a means of awarding patent to any person who invents something.

A patent plays a crucial role in protecting a person’s skill or invention from being duplicated, sold, or from being offered for sale. Usually, the patent is valid up to twenty years from when it’s filed subject to the fees required for maintenance. Therefore, patents were instituted in order to ensure originality of a person’s work and also make sure that one is well recompensed because, many of the inventions may have demanded huge investments. This makes sure that only the inventor supplies the piece of innovation hence benefits fully by receiving the profits directly into his/her account. Though, there may be improvements done on the native product, as long as the item was patented, the improved product can only be sold with the consent of the owner.

Inventor patents can be given to individuals or institutions; this is done by applying to the body dealing with protection of intellectual property in your country after which, when all the required fees are paid and that it meets the requirements for being patented,   a patent is assigned for that particular invention. If an item has been patented, if the governing rules are contravened, the person who does so is always liable for prosecution.  Therefore, if you have invented something or you have this big idea in you, do not sit with it or go about telling everyone about it. If you are convinced it is viable, patent it, the go and actualize it. Let the electronic patent attorney help you with the application. This is the best avenue to ensure you reap in a great way from your toil.