How Much Does Music Video Production Cost?

Are you planning to invest in music video production? If yes, then you are most probably wondering how much you will need to spend for the project. With music video production, you will need to spend money on the cast, the location rental fee, the cameraman, the costumes, the equipment, the script, and the editing. Most music videos range from a $20,000 to half a million dollar budget, but there are also some that can reach the seven-figure budget. If you want to stick to a low budget, you need to let go of lavish visual effects, fancy shooting sites, and high-end equipment. Sydney video production can still help you create an impressive video without the things the almighty dollar can buy.

When planning a budget for your music video production you need to consider the following:

The concept

Who will do the conceptualization? If you can do this on your own, you will be cutting a great amount from your total budget. If you will hire a music video production company to develop a storyboard for you, it can cost a few dollars.

The style of the video

Factors like location, props, and costumes create the overall characteristic of your music video. Prime locations can be expensive. Even shooting at your own beach house entails transportation, lighting, and designing. You will also need to pay for the stylists and makeup artists.

The equipment

Professional cameras produce high quality videos than basic ones. Other tools you need to have are cranes and microphones. The better the equipment, the more money you need for music video production.

The talents

You need to hire talented people in order to produce an impressive music video. You will need at least five people to operate the equipment and act in front of the camera.

Post-production work

Editing can be costly if you want complex audio-visual effects. Post-production may take a few weeks to get done so it can also affect your timeline.

The best way to create a good music video is to find out how much you are ready to invest in a music video. Once it’s done, you can call a music video production company that can help you budget your resources.