Outdoor Finger Food Catering Checklist


For every finger food catering professional out there knows there are certain things that she should do or have for an event. Whether it is just a single day event or a two day event such as family reunions, every caterer has to perform a certain checklist to make sure everything runs smoothly. Like the way a plane is about to leave there are a couple of engineers who check everything to make sure the plane is fine and is in tip top condition. The ground engineers have a party plan to make sure they don’t miss anything.

The checklist is based upon a governing body in the industry for example Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s Guidelines for Outdoor Catering Events. The finger food catering person should work through the checklist to ensure everything is in place prior to an event and make sure that caterer has appropriate documentation. There could be officials who call on to the caterer’s event to make sure everything is ok and they would require the checklist to see whether the caterer has followed the protocol. The checklist is beneficial so that you as the finger food catering professional can have something to protect yourself just in case something goes wrong. So that you and your business is safe. Your checklist should have the following questions

Food Safety Management System

  • Has you recorded all the food safety controls to make sure the food you prepare is safe to eat? There should be relevant food controls to ensure proper transportation, storage, cooking and handling while being carried out at an event.
  • Do you have a monitoring supply sheets for use at an event? This is to record the temperatures of food ( hot- holding, cooking and chilled product storage)
    The staff has had safety and food hygiene training and they have the evidence to show it.


  • Are all the places where food is stored under cover and fully protected from contamination?
  • If it rains on the day of the event, is the food area protected from rain water?
  • Is the storage are clean and pest free?
  • Do you have a fridge?

Food Preparation and Service

  • Do you have enough washable floor coverings for where you prepare the food?- if the event will be out door, it is not acceptable to operate without some form of washable floor covering especially where food is being handled, stored and being prepared. All the work tables should be covered and sealed.
  • Do you have enough worktop space for all of your staff to work safely? Can cross contamination be avoided? You should be able to separate areas where different kinds of foods can be made for example fish and meat should not be prepared at the same place.

Wash Hand Basins

  • Does you as the finger food catering professional and your staff and the people who you are serving have a place where they can wash their hands? – A bucket and cold water is not acceptable because the staff could be handling high risk foods and raw meat.
  • Do you have enough wash hand basins for the size of your operation?
  • Is the wash basin being supplied with hot and cold water?

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