Photo Booth Hire for your Wedding Event

It’s your wedding day coming up soon and you have started planning your special day down to the finest details. Something is missing, something to capture the personality of your guests and you in an informal way while at the most glamorous day you could have. What could that be? How can you add a bit of an incentive to your day? Have you thought of having a photobooth at your reception?

Hiring a professional photobooth for your wedding is easier and more glamorous than you think. It’s not the dinky small box you find at the arcade. It’s a gorgeous well draped, lit box that a few of your guest can go into and capture a few memories both for you and themselves. You could even have the printouts personalised with your wedding date on them. It’s a great suggestion as a thank you note for your friends to cherish and remember as well. Imagine walking into the home of a family member or friend and seeing memorabilia of your big day hanging on their fridges. On top of that people have so much fun in the booth it just adds a lovely relaxed laughter like atmosphere to your big day.

I have experienced a photobooth before and it adds just a little more to have a basket of props inside for your guests to use. You could put feather boas, hats and little chalk boards for them to write messages to you on in the basket. You’re going to have an amazing time looking through your CD of all the photo images during the night. This does not mean you have to replace your photographer, but most times the photographer is focused on you on your big day and that’s how it should be. The behind the scenes fun your guests have is usually gone and forgotten. This helps you experience every moment with your guests without you having to be there.

The booth is so gorgeous it will blend in with your décor. It’s like having your own magical cave of awesome at your wedding venue. It’s extremely easy for the company to come and set up and collect it for you. It’s extremely affordable and for the amount of memories and laughter it will create I have to say it’s a steal. Such a perfect and affordable service you never know you might very soon after find you need to hire one again for your baby shower. Now wouldn’t that be amazing.

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