Popularity of Bamboo Floor Installation is here to Stay

It’s time to throw traditional timber out the window and embrace the growing popularity of bamboo floor installation. In the last decade demand for bamboo flooring has grown significantly, but it’s not just a modern fad, rather, bamboo is a great alternative to wood flooring that’s here to stay.


Bamboo isn’t a tree, it’s a grass, and a sturdy one at that. Trees commonly used in wood flooring like oak and maple can take over 20 years to mature, but bamboo only needs five years. Also, because it’s a grass it has a significant root system that does away with the need for re-planting. It just grows again. Although it might not be considered 100 percent green, bamboo floor installation is certainly sustainable, much more than hardwoods.


Bamboo can be produced more rapidly because it grows more quickly, and the price is often lower than traditional hardwood floors. A 125×14 piece of strand woven bamboo can cost just $60, while a similarly sized 130 x 14 brushbox or ironbark is over $100. You’ll get a similar look and feel with your bamboo floor installation, but forego the higher prices of hardwood.


Most bamboo floors are strong and durable, although they can be prone to scratches, they are more resistant to water than hardwoods. Depending on the type you get and how it was treated (heated/carbonized bamboo becomes softer), bamboo is can be one of the strongest types of flooring. And, just like hardwoods, they can be refinished to last a lifetime.

Modern and Elegant

Bamboo now comes in many colors and varieties, and often lends a subtle elegance to any room. It’s completely modern, but maintains the classic look of hardwood, just with a new freshness. Even the light colored bamboo floors bring a calming warmth.

Easy to Clean

Bamboo flooring is easy to clean by just using a dry mop or soft bristled vacuum. In fact, it’s one of the easiest floors to maintain. The most important thing to watch out for are scratches, so just make sure to remove shoes and use furniture pads.

Long Warranties

Bamboo flooring can stand up to any hardwood, which means it should last a lifetime. That’s why most companies offer long warranties to protect your investment, sometimes 25-years or longer.

The benefits to bamboo flooring are obvious, which is why it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Bamboo floor installation Perth has become popular for a reason, and with time it may even become a classic with the power to rival any timber.