Reasons to Buy in the Premium Domain Names Marketplace

In today’s competitive world, getting the right timing is more important than ever. If you missed out on that sought-after domain name in the open market, you need to wait until that domain is available. This can only happen in the aftermarket.

Introducing the Philippines’ first and only premium domain names marketplace, you can now take advantage of those previously bought domains. Like a thrift shop, it offers you the chance to buy domains with the shortest addresses and extensions possible as well as descriptive and brandable names. Here are the reasons why you should check this market out:

Instant Brand Recognition—Having been used by the previous owner before, these domains will allow you to instantly gain the competitive advantage over the up and coming businesses in your trade.

Instant Trust and Authority—Let’s face it: your domain name is your first step to catching the attention of your target market. With a short address and extension that describes what you offer, you will sound more credible than those with long, untrustworthy names. This gives you authority over the others.

Search Engine Optimisation Benefits—Buying in the aftermarket not only allows you to save on the domain price but also gives you the opportunity to optimise your website further. The ever-changing algorithm of search engines make it impossible for old websites to remain on the top of the search engine results page but an SEO plan will go a long way.

Direct Traffic—An easy-to-remember address paves the way to more direct traffic to your site. When this happens, the search engine will put you on a higher SERP ranking because this means visitors trust you more than the other websites.

Physical Marketing Advantages—If you are an investor who is after some collectable domain names, you would surely choose those with short addresses and extensions over those with lengthy extensions that make the name hard to remember. Likewise, any business owner should always go for these domain names because these offer physical marketing advantages that you won’t find anywhere else.

These are only five of the advantages of purchasing from the premium domain names marketplace. If you want to check out the available items, visit today.