Roof Restoration: Why it Costs so Much?

If you’ve ever had to fix a leak in your roof, only to find that the entire thing needs to be restored, you understand how expensive it is. The average reported cost for roof restorations was over six thousand dollars just this year! So why does it cost so much to get it fixed?

When going through roof restorations, contractors must think about many things such as: the size of your roof, the materials used, how long it’s going to take, and the code requirements for the area. Between that and the actual cost of labor, it’s no wonder why getting your roof restored costs so much!


Roof restoration is all about the type of roof you want; there are many different designs of shingles and metal roofing, the cheapest of which will run you about $100 per square foot. So, the type of material you choose and the square footage of your roof mostly determines how much it is going to cost. Code requirements are another big issue. Depending on where you live your city/state government will have a set requirement on how your roof must look, how high it can be, how steep it can be, etc. Contractors must legally meet these requirements, lest they be sued. It also depends on if anything is attached to your roof. Roofs where a contractor must manoeuvre around a chimney or a whirlybird would cost extra than just a plain, flat roof.

Time is another factor when determining the cost of a roof restoration. Of course, a restoration that is going to take a few hours to complete is going to be much cheaper than a restoration that takes weeks to complete. On top of that, many contractors have to raise their prices in order to ensure that all working on the restoration gets paid. The average roofing contractor in Brisbane makes $16.35 an hour, and it’s a little more expensive if you chose to get a metal roof. Therefore, you’re paying for at least some of the wages of every individual working on your roof restoration.

When you sit down to think about it, it makes sense why having to completely restore your roof costs so much. Between the type of material that is used, time, costs, code requirements, and the size of your roof; it’s not a surprise how quickly the cost adds up! So, the next time you have to restore your roof, you’ll have at least some understanding and a general idea of how much it is going to cost.