Sail Shades Installation Tips For Homeowners

Sail shades are popular among homeowners who have outdoor spaces that they want to protect from too much sunlight exposure. Some of these outdoor spaces include play areas, porches, and even front or back yards. Family members will be able to stay in such covered areas without having to worry about getting themselves exposed under direct sunlight.

To take full advantage of what a sail shade can offer, it is important for the owner to set it up in the proper manner. If you purchase one or own one, then, here are a couple of tips which you can follow in order to set your own sail shade up.

There are different ways on how a person can install a sail shade. You can set it up horizontally with similar height on all corners, vertically which functions similar to a privacy fence, angles and slants with sails that overlap each other, and one where the height of the corners are all different. It may be a boring layout for a person to use a horizontal set up or also called a flat set up. On the other hand, a vertical sail is prone to catching more wind as well producing heavier loads. You should decide on which type of set up you would like to choose later on.

Before you proceed with the installation, you should make sure that you will check with your local authorities about the existence of any regulation with regards to the set up of sail shades. Aside from that, you also need to consult with local utility companies about the presence of any important underground material or service before you start digging holes for the posts. This way, you will not cause accidental damages to pipes or the likes.

You also have to choose the best location where to set up the sail shade. There are important factors to consider, such as its size, the strength of the anchors, wind speed, wind direction, and most importantly, sun direction and tracking its path. You have to remember that the shade of the sail will move along with the movement of the sun. For safety reasons, you should not use your barbecue grill under the sail shade. It is important to keep high heat sources, like barbecue grills and fire pits away from the sail shades.

You also need to determine the mounting points that are most suitable for each of the corners. You have to make sure that the mounting points are strong so that you will not fear the collapse of such structure. You can choose a large tree, fascia, or a fence post, among others. If you do not have enough mounting points, then, that is the time that you will dig holes for posts. You should ensure that the sail shade is not loose and has enough tension to prevent damages.

If you have troubles in setting up your own sail shade even with family members helping you, you can contact professional shade sails installers from Sunshine Coast. These installers are knowledgeable about the proper installation steps for this activity. You need to choose a reputable one that provides a reasonably priced service.