SEO Services To Rank On First Page

When it comes to optimising websites or blog posts, one of the big tools used by SEO Services companies is on page SEO optimisation . On page optimisation should not be confused with on-site optimisation and through the use of this technique, content is optimised for the target keyword. This includes the use of the proper heading, the correct placement of keywords, the quality of the content and many other factors. It should be remembered that all search engines use a set of algorithms, proprietary to them and this technique helps them to pick the target keyword by making it easier to identify. In the process of optimisation, a certain set of processes are followed in order to achieve a higher rank. This goal is achieved in natural but smart ways so that instead of using long tail keywords which are not relevant, there may be more visits from targeted visitors.

The most important factors identified by SEO Services companies are relevant keywords and internal links. They have also learnt how to take advantage of the addition of video, which not only increases the richness of the media content, but also encourages users to spend more time on the content. In addition, there are a few non-technical things that can be done. Improving user experience will increase the stickiness of visitors to the site and improve rankings. Improve long content pieces by employing bucket brigade copywriting techniques and using subheadings driven by benefits to increase the appeal of the content. A permalink structure makes content more user-friendly. Most of the time, alphabets and numbers from 0 to 9, will be used in the URL structure. Heading tags should be used to highlight the different headings, subheadings and important points.

Most SEO Services companies advise that keyword density should be around 1.5% with a mix of LSI keywords. The main keyword could be used once in the first paragraph and then in the last paragraph apart from regular repetition. Important events and phrases should be made bold, italic, or underline to make them stand out. Meta tags with unique and relevant meta keyword, and meta description can be used and once again, the targeted keyword should be incorporated. Though Bing prefers meta keywords, Google has made it clear that they do not give any weightage to them. Images contribute a substantial amount in driving traffic because of image search. When adding images, only small sized ones should be used because large sizes will prevent rapid navigation. World count should preferably be a minimum of 700 words, if possible, because anything shorter is unlikely to have the kind of impact that is required. Go check out SEO company Gold Coast for more details.