Services Offered By Renton’s Labels

Have you heard about Renton’s Labels? Well, for sure you already heard about them since they have been in the sticker printing business for about 5 decades already. Basically, they started operating in the year 1964. Their offered services then was just decorative stickers like those you can stick to enhance your messages. But as time go by, their business go well and nowadays, they already have a number of offered services though they are still all about sticker printing. Custom stickers are what they call them and they are really useful in the business world. Custom stickers have many functions like you can use them for marketing purposes and you can also use them in labeling your products. Aside from the business world, there are still other ways that custom stickers are quite useful like during election, bearing the faces of the candidates, they can be glues to any surface to announce their candidacies.

Indeed Renton’s Labels can provide you with the best custom stickers you can possibly need. Just to orient you about their provided products, check out below:

Printed Labels




– First are the bottle labels. If you are one of the distributors, then you will surely need them. Whatever type of bottles you are dealing with, they can provide custom stickers for you that are great for them. Actually, this does not only concern wines but also some other products that use bottles in their distribution like shampoos, beverages and many others.

– They also provide cosmetic labels. You see, when it comes to cosmetics, ingredients of the product is quite important for the consumers as well as expiry dates. So, you can input them all through custom stickers so that they will look really enticing.

– You can order candle labels from Renton’s Labels as well. Candles these days are not for lighting purposes only. Today, they can also be used as decorations with their amazing designs and colors thus they are also best to use for gifts. That is why, if you are one of the providers of candles, you can use custom stickers to label them. You can even input personal messages so that those who are looking for something to give to their friends will be attracted to them.

– If you are also selling foods like homemade foods for example, then you can buy food labels from Renton’s Labels. Since they are customizable, you can easily input the ingredients as well as the expiry date of the foods.

– Then event printed labels are also part of their products. In case you are a company that caters to event hosting, then these labels should be the best way to market your business.

There are still more services that Renton’s Labels provides. And if you are interested about them, then feel free to check their online link so that at the same time, you will be informed on how to place your orders and the turnaround time. With their custom stickers, for sure you products will be well advertised.