Skip Bins And Their Classifications

Skip bins also known as dumpsters (in countries like US and Canada) is a widely used word in Australia is a waste bin. The word skip comes from the word “skep,” which means a conventional straw basket used by beekeepers in the UK.   In the end, it went out of style and paved the way for a modern edition of baskets. In 1960 Germany, produced the type of skip bins that are commonly using in Australia today. Because of their similarity to coal mine skips, they got the name skip. The 1960s witnessed the development of business and domestic skip bin industry.

Shape and size of skip bins

Skip bins are basically, open containers constructed to load on a truck and instead of emptying into a garbage truck it swapped for an empty skip and then disposed of in the transfer station. A skip bin has the shape of a two-stacked trapezoid. It comes with tows at either side of the container, which allows the chains to attach the tray, therefore making it easier to launch a hefty bin onto and off a lorry. In addition, it uses a crane for a better waste disposal via the skip. You can also avail manual loading and unloading in skips via a large door placed downwards.

Skips are resilient and sturdy and can handle rough use. These huge bins have a corpulent carrying capacity, however; trucks can carry 8000kg of waste in the bins. Skips have erratic sizes. They are available in 2-yard container or 40 yards. An empty skip usually weighs around 300 kg.


  • Open skip- these bins do not have any lid, waste materials stored effortlessly in these skip bins. Open skips are using in construction areas or restricted areas.
  • Closed skip- come with a proper lid, therefore are protected from huge bulk of wastes being dumped and allowing only the required storage of waste material
  • Roll-on and Roll-off (also known as hook-skip bins) are like the open skips. The difference is that they do not have chains; instead, it uses a hook to roll them into a truck. They are preferred for industrial purposes and inappropriate for domestic uses and are using in places, which have a difficult access.

The most general use of Brisbane skip hire is the collection of waste materials. Now, the types of waste can differ. It could be domestic wastes or wastes from building sites, demolition sites, wastes from factories or when clearing out area used for dumping garbage. Other applications of these types of bins are that you can use to carry materials and then again use for removing wastes and many cleaning jobs.