Some Types of Eftpos Machine

For every individual, when stress out they do things they want the most, most of them shop or eat in their favourite restaurants, go on vacation or spend time with friends or family. These days, bringing a lot of cash is dangerous especially when alone or at night. It is also not safe to withdraw anywhere because someone might be watching and just taking his time before approaching you and taking what your money. The good thing is that wherever you buy, you can just swipe a card to purchase merchandise without really paying the actual cash. These are very convenient for individuals who usually spend a lot of money.

Eftpos machines are the new payment system these days, it stands for electronic fund transfer at point of sale. Convenient stores, gas stations, restaurants, and malls use this type of payment system. Eftpos machine comes in different types with its own advantages. If you are planning on buying one for your store or for your business, it would be easy for your customers to pay. These are some types of eftpos machines that you can choose from:

ANZ POS Turbo 2: This type of eftpos machine offers fast and efficient transactions because of its multiple communication method like Dial Up and GPRS. It is built with contactless technology and colour screens.  In case of primary communication, you do not need to worry because it has a back up communication system. It is also easy to set up. The machine is best for a low to medium card volume payment.



ANZ POS Mobile 2: The best thing about this type of machine is that it is wireless, so you won’t be bug by phone lines. It is simple and lightweight and you can use it anytime and anywhere. It is good for business that requires you to move or make payments anywhere.

ANZ POS Plus 2: Some eftpos machines require you to enter transaction data twice but with this one, you can just enter it once.  If you need something that accepts high payment volume then you should buy this kind of eftpos machine.

ANZ POS Turbo Plus: The machine has a built in modem and printer. It is also equipped with multiple communication system such as GPRS and Dial Up. This is a standalone type of machine, which means anywhere you use or put it; it can adapt easily and can be use immediately.

ANZ POS Mobile Plus: This machine is perfect for business that requires flexibility when it comes to transactions. It is also ideal for integrated and mobile terminal. It has a Bluetooth communication that can connect to POS directly. This machine got everything other machines have, especially that it’s also wireless.

Just choose whatever type of eftpos machine you think is suitable for your business. Make sure as well that it is within your budget. Machines with lots of in built designs cost a bit much compared to those less designed. Choose something that can be hand carry and lightweight.