Survival Tips for the Daring Adventurer in a Van

For those who are willing to on an adventure, that means you have to be prepared for one extremely important fact about it: survival. You need to make sure that you will be able to survive since adventure removes the enjoyment of living in the modern world, and it brings you back to a lifestyle where you need to be strong enough to fit into the outdoor environment. Even if you have a good-quality campervan, you will be proven unworthy if you don’t know how to survive for several days in it during your adventures.

Take note that those who began campervan hire services know this well, and have experienced the wonders of adventuring multipled times before they decide on this type of business – making them amazing adventurers. That’s why some of the best adventurers made sure that you will be able to get the following tips in order for you to survive effectively during your adventure in your campervan. Here are the following tips:

Be Minimal

Let’s go to a different perspective first: imagine a mountain hiker bringing in tons of stuff just for them to feel comfortable in the mountains. Eventually, they will never be able to go to the top and might decide to just go down and pack up for home instead. That’s why bringing in a few items is a must to consider at all times when going on an adventure not just because it will make your baggage lighter, but will also provide you a better way to explore personally. Take note that campervans will get very heavy when you pack up a lot of stuff as well – causing your vehicle to run slower. So be sure to minimize the items that you need to bring.

Be a Friendly Person

Going back to that mountain climber perspective: people who enjoyed their trekking rather than feeling tired are those who socialized well with other people. It’s a proven fact for many times already, and it’s true that having conversations with others will make you feel less tired rather than moping around while you complain about surviving. In a campervan owners’ perspective, doing this will help you get a better way to survive, especially if you have expert adventurers by your side. Aside from that, your chances of having a better and larger campervan during the adventure can be acquired through a friend.

Camping and Eating Tips

If you want to eat properly during the road trips, make sure that you seal them well. There are instances where parked campervans can be infected by rats and other critters since they can detect the smell of food that’s open in the air. Also, you need to make sure that you will be staying in a campsite when it’s time to sleep since it will be extremely dangerous to stay in the wild. If can’t find the campsite yet, make sure that you navigate further for the sake of safety. It’s better to be very safe than sorry.


Even when bad weather and moments happen, remember that you still need to enjoy it since it’s an activity. It’s the best way for you to see your adventure as worth it. If you put a more positive perspective on your adventure, for sure it’s going to be a story that you will definitely tell to the kids someday.

As you can see, adventuring is more about the perspective aside from the experience! So just be prepared and face the fact that it’s more nice to experience than just reading blogs about it on the web!

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