The Best Stone Veneers to Choose from

What are stone veneers? Stone veneers are a protection from the exterior or interior walls or surfaces. These stone veneers can be also made as a decoration since their designs are attractive to the look. What are they used for? Stone veneers are used for protecting covering for walls and surfaces of a home. These stone veneers can be manufactured or can be real stones instead. The materials of manufactures stone veneers are made of cement and iron oxide for coloration of the pigment. The concrete is not that heavy since it needs to be mounted on the wall, instead it is light weight for the wall to carry. The stone industries are in popular range from the people’s eye because it has become a trendsetter among interior or exterior decoration.

stone veneer

Not only is it decorative but functional as well. It is important to invest in stone veneers because they are a protective covering to give to the walls and surfaces of an establishment. There are stone steps, stone walls and stone veneers and they all do the same thing: cover things up for protection in the long run. As mentioned before, stone veneers can be manufactured or can be made out of real stone. To choose the best kind of stone veneers can be tricky but here is a guide to the pros and cons of different types of stone veneers.

  • Manufactured Stone Veneers – These types of veneers are man-made to its very core. Manufactures stone veneers are made up of chemicals and concrete to make it strong but light weight both at the same time.

The pros of Manufactured Stone Veneers:

  • This is the most popular and common stone veneers in the stone industry for its problem solving features of protection and safety for walls and surfaces.
  • Much more light weight than a regular stone veneer and is friendlier to be mounted or installed on wooden structures.
  • For real stone veneers are much heavier than manufactured stone veneers and they are more in need of supporters and footers.
  • It is budget friendly and cheaper than a real stone veneer.

The con of Manufactured Stone Veneers:

  • This type of stone veneer is not recommended for property that uses it for holding up water or running water for that matter. Examples of such are pools, fountains, sinks or bathrooms since the chemical mixture will be mixed in with the water causing the stone veneer more damage onto itself and the water as well.
  • Real Stone Veneers – The natural stone veneers are traditional and most likely found on temples and landmarks for its natural state.

The pros of Real Stone Veneers:

  • Adds a historical aesthetic to the design and beauty of the surfaces.
  • Much more withstanding and long lasting than a manufactured stone veneer.
  • Can be used in pools, fountains, sink and bathrooms because it is natural and no chemical will flow along with the water from the stones.

The cons of Real Stone Veneers:

  • Much heavier than a manufactured stone veneer.
  • Installation is more difficult due to its heaviness
  • It is more expensive than a manufactured stone veneer.