The Top Places to Bring your Off Road Campers

If you’re the type of person that really wants to go outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature, then make sure that you purchase off road campers. This is a good attachment for you to have on your car because it will provide you more spaces to take a rest so that you can save money, and in order for you to have a nice time having a second home as well. Campers love this type of thing, and they prefer to have this on their car whenever they go travelling to the countryside and other places to nature.

There are lots of places for you to visit in Australia when it comes to camping. But what we’re going to tell you are the best places where you can really bring your Australian Off Road Campers while to unwind for a nice vacation and adventure. If you really love adventures in the country, make sure that you visit these top five awesome places in the whole Australian land. Here are as follows:

Mitchell Falls

This place is known to be located in the Mitchell River National Park. This is a place that’s located in a remote country, but is something that people should check out whenever they’re on a trip. It’s a place that’s located 6 kilometers from the camping area, and for sure you will see the walk as worth it once you take a look at this with your naked eye.

The Fortress

Most likely, this place got its name thanks to the majestic view that you will be able to see in this place. This is known to be great to check out as you see the overlooking mountains of the Grampians National Park. This is a good way for you to take overnight hikes with your off road camper, and this will give you a good view to watch.

Iga Warta

This place became well known because of the orange trees that surrounding it. This is a great sanctuary where you will be able to find peace in many ways. There are great sights for you to explore here, and there’s a bush tucker and a nice tour where you will be able to taste some plants that are edible indeed.

Main Range

This is located in NSW at the Kosciuszko Park. This is known to be the largest national park in the area, and is also a great campsite that’s really high. For sure you will love the views that are stretching the huge country and mountains that surround it. If you’re in an adventure, this can be the real deal for you.


This is known to be a hot place, and is perfect for taking a swim. There is a nice grotto that has a waterhole, and this is far from the place which is why your off road camper will be of good use here. Rest assured that you will be able to relax here, and there are no wild animals since it’s completely safe indeed.