The Traditional Home Builders

Traditional homes with special attention to the kinds of structures which were being constructed before the idea of modernity came to be, traditional homes are much worthy of the term used to refer to them, traditional. Traditional is more related to the prior way of life that was there before the modernity age. Some scholars have tried to categorize the ages of modernization to this very point in society where we like to refer to ourselves as the modern society. Scholars suggest that the first stage was the Dark Age, during the Dark Age, home builders would use raw materials like wood, in their natural form in order to put up structure into which they moved and inhabited. The Dark Age was also characterized by very little farming only for subsistence purpose. There was also the characterization of this age by the primary source of food being hunted animals and meat they would provide. After the Dark Age came other ages which all led to the modern world we are so proud of today traditional architecture is as different as there were many cultures which graced the lands of the earth before explorations began, all what has led to the creation of the global village we live today

Traditional structures were basically undeveloped without any sophistication whatsoever. Traditional would chiefly refer to structure made out of the best Mother Nature would offer and in the form that Mother Nature would offer it. Shacks made out of branches and twigs which have been tied together using twines of ropes which were made from creepers as well as reeds and sisal rope. There was all this. Traditional home builders could also make their houses out of mud. Mud structures were popular because soil is widely available in many parts and if water was available as well, it was easy to construct a structure I which one would live. There was also the popularization of structures made of animal skins. The animal skins were used once an animal had been slaughtered or if an animal skin had been salvaged off a dead beast. Traditional home builders are seen as creative individuals who used the best of what their environs offered them for building materials. A good example are the traditional home builders who would pile up rock in a certain way to make walls for their abodes as well as use of grass to thatch their roofs, or using animal skins. Today, the building and construction industry has far developed from what was considered building in the traditional age.

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