Things you Need to Do after you Loss a Loved One

The death of a loved one is a tragic event that words cannot express. What is more challenging is the process that you must undergo as a surviving spouse, parent, child, sibling or close relative of the deceased to ensure a peaceful and hassle-free funeral. Here are the things you need to do:

Keep calm

People have different reactions to the death of their loved ones. Others become depressed for hours and even days, whilst others feel alright after shedding some tears. The best thing you should do is to keep calm and composed. Arranging for a funeral and other documentations such as family provision claims is a complicated process. You need to overcome grief and have the emotional strength to complete the process.

Certificate of death

The first thing a doctor must do after a person dies is to furnish a certificate of death. The document states the details about the passing away of the deceased, including the time and date as well as cause of death. This process is important as the funeral will not proceed if the doctor failed to sign it. This is also important for securing legal requirements and entitlements.

Funeral arrangements

The funeral will then start when the family or the doctor organise a funeral director to transfer the body immediately to a morgue. The government only allows the body to stay in a hospital for 36 hours.

Here is a list of expenses that you need to settle for the entire burial:

  • Fees for funeral director
  • Transportation
  • Coffin
  • Certificate of death
  • Permits
  • Burial/cremation
  • Cemetary plot
  • Other expenses like a religious celebrant, newspaper notices, flowers, and the wake

Be sure to check if the deceased has already made pre-paid arrangements before making a new one as the funeral can be expensive (around $5,000). You should also check if the deceased has left a will concerning the directions of his/her funeral arrangements.

Wills, Insurance policies and claims

The next things to secure are the family provision claims, insurance and will. Many families had been engaged in legal conflicts because of financial entitlements and other inheritance issues. It is very important to secure help from lawyers to help you in processing legal documents and other procedures. For this, you need the services of law firms specialising in family provision claims and other legal matters like Villari Lawyers.