Tips To Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds

Households as well as offices across the world use all kinds of Venetian window blinds for their windows. In fact, there are very few buildings in the world that do not use blinds for their windows. One of the main reasons for this is that they are not only convenient to use but also bring with them a significant aesthetic value to the building as a whole. One of the most popularly used kinds of blinds is wooden blinds, because of the classy appearance and durability factors.

However, it is quite a task to clean any kind of Venetian blinds, especially wooden ones.

You cannot just ignore cleaning them for a long time too, as that would affect your reputation if it is an office, and the ambience of your home, if you have blinds in your house. Moreover, unclean blinds can spread bacteria and cause diseases too. Hence, it is very important to clean your blinds, especially if they are wooden.


Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning wooden blinds:

– Do not clean wooden Venetian blinds with water and detergent because the moisture and chemicals used in the detergents can cause the wood to warp and can render the slats discoloured.

– If there are stains on your blinds, you can use a paper towel to rub over them first. If they are tough stains and won’t budge, then you could use a wood cleaner or cleaning solution before getting into cleaning the entire blinds. You can dab the solution on a soft cleaning cloth and wipe it over the affected area.

– Once any stains on the blinds are removed, you can move on to dusting and cleaning them. Be sure to close them while dusting, and use only a soft duster such as a feather duster, wool or microfiber one. You should be dusting them in a downward direction, rather than an upward direction, as that can cause some of the slats to get unhooked.

– A vacuum cleaner may also be used to get rid of the dust, but only with a soft duster attachment.

– Once the blinds are dusted, you can start cleaning each of the slats with a dry cloth or paper towel. You could also use soft gloves or socks that you can wear on your hands to clean the slats by running your hands over each of them. Using a fabric softener while doing it can also get rid of any static that may attract more dirt.

Keeping these pointers in mind while cleaning your wooden blinds can not only keep diseases at bay, but also give your blinds a longer life.